Texture Paint


In order to access the painting you will have to be in Nexus mode Material Type and you will have to have added a material with the Add Module button

Texture Paint Hand

This section is dedicated to texture paint and its tools.

Video Tutorial

Here a video tutorial of texture paint: Texture Paint

Introduction to Texture Paint

The texture paint is based on a system designed in 2020, this system is based on the painting of a mask, it decides based on the painted color (The color is not visible because it is a mask) which Module (Material) must be visible in the colored areas.

The painting is based on 4 colors: Red, Green, Blue and Black.

This combination, allows you to paint up to 4 material slots, but it is not to be confused with direct painting on an image. In fact, as mentioned previously, the painting is based on a mask, so it is the mask that is actually painted, and consequently the materials are displayed based on the mask.

Here an example of how the color that acts as a mask:

Texture Paint RGB

Texture Paint Black

Add material to paint

In order to add a material to paint, it is necessary that the material on which you want to paint has been applied with Extreme PBR in Nexus mode, to do this check the preferences: Material Type

To add a material to paint, refer to this button Add Module

Texture Paint Editor

Here an example of how the texture paint looks like between 3 modules:

Texture Paint Three Modules

Show Paint Editor

Texture Paint Show Paint Editor

The Show Paint Editor button allows you to hide or show the texture paint editor. Useful if you are working on the material and you want to keep a more compact interface.

Texture Paint Tools Button

Texture Paint Tools Button

The texture paint button, allows you to access the Paint Tools panel, which allows you to access the properties of the brush if you are not very familiar with the classic blender tools. Here the chapter dedicated to Paint Tools


Texture Paint Re-Project

Re-Project Button, allows you to re-project the texture of the painting, in order to fix it. The important use cases

  • The texture on the object has anomalies near the edges.

  • When you modify an object in its shape and geometry, the texture does not adapt to the new shape, so it is necessary re-project the texture.


This button appears only when you are in Paint mode

Paint Module Button

Texture Paint Paint Module

These buttons allow you to start or stop painting, and also allow you to select the module to paint. Once the button is pressed, the mouse cursor will become a brush, and you can start painting on the selected object.

Once the painting session is finished, you can press the button again to finish the painting, in fact the button in painting mode, will now take on the task Stop Paint.


In order to be sure not to encounter confusion, make sure you are working on the selected object and active object.

Fill Module

Texture Paint Fill Module

These Buttons allow you to fill the material with the reference module. So if for example you have painted the model, with this button you will return to having a single material, based on which button of which module you have decided to do a Fill.

Brush Blend Mode

Only from the version of Extreme PBR Nexus 4.1.120 and later


The brush blend mode will be visible and necessary only if you are painting at least 3 modules, if you are painting between 2 modules it is not necessary, so it will not be shown.

Texture Paint Brush Blend Mode

Brush Blend Mode, is used to set the brush Blend Mode, to correct the smudging problems that occur when painting between 3 or 4 modules (This problem never occurs if you only paint between 2 modules)

By using the Darken button, but especially the Lighten button, you can correct the smudging problems.

Example of smudging problem, where by painting module 2, you can see the red of the color of module 4:

Texture Paint Smudging Problem Example

The 3 buttons will set the Brush Blend Type in this way:

Texture Paint Blend Type Example

Here is an example fixed with the Blend Mode Lighten:

Texture Paint Blend Type Example Fixed


Once you press any Paint Module button, the value will return to Mix automatically.