Message only if you got here through this “Online Manual” menu:


Some buttons cannot be documented yet, but we are working on it. For now if you don’t find the documentation related to a particular button, make sure to look for the question mark (?) button present in all the panels of Extreme PBR, this will take you to the section with the buttons and their explanations.

Docs Helper Buttons

I tried to document all the buttons, maybe some are not yet available in documentation, make sure in case you got here, from which section of Extreme PBR you clicked the button, all the panels have an icon in the shape of question mark, by clicking on it the documentation related to that panel opens and you will probably find what you are looking for.


If you got here through the documentation page, don’t worry about this message, it’s just for those who got here through the “Online Manual” menu of Extreme PBR 😊