Video Tutorials

Here a series of tutorials on how to use Extreme PBR, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to the channel to stay updated on new tutorials and news.


At the moment all the video tutorials are on my youtube channel, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to stay updated on new tutorials and news. Also activate the bell to receive a notification when I publish a new video.

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Make Asset Browser

How to change textures color

Create your PBR Material


Material Editor

Anti Tile


This feature was introduced in Extreme PBR Nexus V 4.1.111, make sure you have this version or higher.

Texture Paint

Fx Layers

Add Remove Replace Materials

Multiple Displacement Modifier

Materials Tag & Search System

Car Paint Material

Apply Material On Many Objects

Surface Imperfection Tutorial

Simple or Nexus Material Node Tree

Basic use of the Painter Material

How to bake in the Nexus Version

(Only From 4.0.130 Version or higher)

Texture Manager

Water Material

Export Model & Material To Unity 3D

Export from Blender to Unreal Engine

Video Maker

This tutorial shows how to create a β€œVideo” material

How to edit UV Mapping

How to Move License

** Supported only for those who had registered the addon (Now is not required to register the addon)**

Ral and Web Colors

Interactive Help

Options Menu

Material Override

Shader Overlay